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  • Taking a Closer Look at Wp-config.php File in WordPress

    Wp-config file in Wordpress

    Wp-config.php file is the one of the main file in WordPress. In this article we’ll explore and take a closer look at the wp-config.php file. Introduction to wp-config.php file  Advanced Wp-config.php Options You can set advanced choices in your wp-config file, these choices aren’t within the wp-config file by default, therefore you’ll have to be got to manually add them […]

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  • A Comprehensive Guide to .htaccess File and Setting up Permalinks for better SEO in WordPress

    A Comprehensive Guide to .htaccess File and Setting up Permalinks for better SEO in Wordpress

    WordPress by default creates ugly query-string fashioned URLs, sometimes with an ID present, like http://example.com/?p=30. These URLs are fully useful, however aren’t terribly friendly to look for search engines and website guests. The .htaccess file is basically employed for making pretty permalinks and keyword injected URLs for your website. By enabling pretty permalinks WordPress creates URLs supported website content such […]

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  • What is WordPress File Structure and How to Configure wp-config File

    Hi, how are you? Hope you’re doing well. In this article we’ll cover what is wordpress file and folder structure and how you can configure wp-config file. Exploring the Code The WordPress source code file options many alternative PHP, JavaScript, and CSS code files. Each file serves a particular purpose in WordPress. The sweetness of open source software system is […]

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  • How to Extend a WordPress Theme

    Hi, how are you? Hope you are doing well. In this article we’ll study regarding how you can extend a WordPress theme. The power of WordPress isn’t within the default options of WordPress, however rather the endlessly versatile framework provided for extending WordPress. Utilizing the facility of themes and plugins, WordPress is custom-tailored to suit any web site purpose. Themes Themes are quite […]