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  • Getting the content outside the loop in WordPress

    Dear Reader, Are there times when you want to get post content from outside the loop in WordPress? or wanted to control post content from outside the loop? In this article we’ll discuss how you can get non exclusive post content, or control some data about the presently showed post outside of the Loop. WordPress gives a few […]

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  • Understanding Template Tags and how they work

    understanding template tags and how they work

    Template Tags PHP functions utilized as a part of your WordPress theme templates  to show Loop content are called template tags. These tags are utilized to show particular bits of information about your site and content. This permits you to customize how and where content is shown on your site. For instance, the the_title() template tag shows the […]

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  • Understanding the Flow of the Loop and where it can be used

    understanding the flow of the loop

    Flow of the Loop The Loop uses some common programming conditional statements to work out what and the way to display. The primary statement within the Loop is an if statement, checking whether or not any posts exist, because you might not have any posts with the required category or tag. If content exists, the while statement is used to initiate the Loop […]

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  • Taking a Closer Look at Wp-config.php File in WordPress

    Wp-config file in Wordpress

    Wp-config.php file is the one of the main file in WordPress. In this article we’ll explore and take a closer look at the wp-config.php file. Introduction to wp-config.php file  Advanced Wp-config.php Options You can set advanced choices in your wp-config file, these choices aren’t within the wp-config file by default, therefore you’ll have to be got to manually add them […]

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  • A Comprehensive Guide to .htaccess File and Setting up Permalinks for better SEO in WordPress

    A Comprehensive Guide to .htaccess File and Setting up Permalinks for better SEO in Wordpress

    WordPress by default creates ugly query-string fashioned URLs, sometimes with an ID present, like http://example.com/?p=30. These URLs are fully useful, however aren’t terribly friendly to look for search engines and website guests. The .htaccess file is basically employed for making pretty permalinks and keyword injected URLs for your website. By enabling pretty permalinks WordPress creates URLs supported website content such […]