Nested Loops in WordPress

Nested Loops
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In this article we’ll study relating to how to use nested loops in WordPress, if you have not already, first read what is the loop for your better understanding and then you can continue reading this post.

More Than One Loop

The Loop can be utilized at numerous circumstances all throughout your theme and plugins. This makes it simple to show distinctive sorts of content in numerous spots all through your WordPress site.

Possibly you need to show your latest blog entries underneath every page on your site. You can accomplish this by making more unpredictable Loops that make different loops goes through the rundown of posts, or produce various post exhibits over which to query.

Nested Loops

Nested Loops can be made inside your topic layouts utilizing a blend of the main Loop and isolate WP_Query cases. For instance, you can make a settled Loop to show related posts based on post tags. The accompanying is a case of making a settled Loop inside the main Loop to show related posts based on tags:

This code will show the greater part of your posts as typical. Inside the fundamental/main Loop you check if whatever other posts contain an indistinguishable tag from your main post.

On the off chance so that you show the most recent five posts that match as related posts. In the event that no posts coordinate, the related posts area won’t be shown.

Multi-Pass Loops

The rewind_ posts() capacity is utilized to reset the post query and query counter, permitting you to do another Loop. Put this capacity call specifically after you complete your first Loop. Here’s a case that forms the primary Loop content twice:

That’s all for nested loops in WordPress.

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