How to Manage WordPress Posts and Pages

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In this article we are going to understand about how to manage your posts and pages in WordPress.

Managing Posts

You can manage your posts in WordPress beneath the Posts -> Edit SubPanel. Here you may see all of your posts listed, despite their current standing. Notice that your example post “My First Post” (see how you’ll produce this post) is currently listed at the highest of the list. Multiple filter choices across the highest modify you to filter your posts by status, category, month, and so on. To look at all posts at a Draft status, simply click the Draft link at the top. You’ll conjointly search all posts for specific keywords exploitation the search box placed at the top right of the Posts Edit screen.

Posts are displayed in an exceedingly list read by default, however you’ll conjointly show them in an excerpt read. The excerpt shows all post listed with an excerpt of the post content. To toggle which display is employed, click the icon for either list or excerpt read placed directly below the search keyword box.

Edit post hover action links
Edit post hover action links

Hovering over a post displays multiple choices for managing that post, as shown in figure.

The Quick Edit link permits you fast access to edit the post info. The post info is loaded using Ajax, and so a page refresh isn’t necessary. Here you’ll quickly modify the post class, edit the post title, or maybe modify the post slug (permalink). In fact, you’ll modification on the subject of everything on a post except the particular post content using fast edit.

Clicking the Delete link deletes the post from WordPress. Do not get too terrified of that link; WordPress confirms that you just truly need to delete the post before doing so.

You’ll conjointly notice a checkbox next to every post. Checking multiple posts permits you to try and do bulk edit or bulk delete on a particular posts. Using the majority edit allows you to vary the post categories, tags, author, comments, status, pings, and sticky possibility. This is often a good time saver if you would like to vary the category of over one post or delete one or two of posts.

Managing Pages

You manage pages beneath the Pages -> Edit SubPanel. Managing your pages in WordPress is sort of a dead ringer for managing posts. You’ll filter what pages are displayed using the filter choices across the top. You’ll conjointly do a keyword search to filter pages using the search box at the top right. Pages are listed in alphabetical order, unless the kind order has been set on every post. To line the page kind order, hover over any page and click on the Quick Edit link. Enter in an exceedingly range for the Order field supported what order you would like your pages displayed. If you would like this page displayed first, set it to ‘0’; if you would like the page displayed last, set it to a extremely high range, such as 99. Unless you’ve got 99 different pages, that page can continually show last.

What are your opinions about managing Post and Pages in WordPress? Have you created any posts and pages? Let me know in the comments!

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