How WordPress works?

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In this article, we’ll going to review however specifically WordPress functions and operates for higher understanding of WordPress and have an summary of the WordPress operation and within the later posts will discuss full operation of WordPress, with purpose mentioned well.

In a easy definition if you wish to understand what specifically will WordPress do, then it goes like this, with WordPress you’ll be able to build any blog and website starting from an easy blog and website to a pretty, elegant, offbeat and most significant of all an amazing blog and website.

If you wish a lot of info relating to what’s WordPress then you’ll be able to see my previous post here concerning what’s wordpress?

By understanding however WordPress works you’ll be able to begin to be told all that WordPress is capable of.

After you initial time log into WordPress, you’re conferred with what’s known as the Dashboard.

The Dashboard

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Default WordPress Dashboard
Default WordPress Dashboard

The dashboard is essentially the primary screen you’re conferred with after you simply login to your WordPress account.

It is wherever you manage everything associated with your website together with content, discussions, appearance, plugins, and overall website practicality. It’s focus is on potency and ease, with the foremost common administrator tasks simply one click away. You’ll be able to notice your dashboard at

The WordPress dashboard, contains multiple widgets, or blocks, of data for fast access. These widgets give numerous info and practicality for administering your WordPress website. You’ll be able to add further widgets to your WordPress dashboard from plugins. Plugins will use the Dashboard Widgets API to feature any custom practicality provided from a plugin.

You can utterly customise your dashboard by dragging and dropping your widgets to completely different positions. You’ll be able to minimize any widget by hovering over the title and clicking the arrow that seems to the correct of the widget title. This minimizes the widget and displays solely the widget title, concealing  the remainder of the widget.

You can additionally hide any widgets you do not need visible by unchecking that widget beneath the Screen Options tab within the header. The Screen choices tab within the top right corner of your Dashboard Screen permits you to switch display settings on any screen of the Dashboard.

Creating and Managing Content

Edit post hover action links
Edit post hover action links

At the center of any website is content. Content is that the primary reason websites gain traffic and possibly one in every of the key reason why I made a decision to use WordPress for my website to form nice content for you. WordPress makes managing content a breeze and is definitely governable by beginners and consultants alike.

Posts are content entries that usually show in reverse written account order on your website. These are typically thought of to be blog posts just like the one you’re presently reading, however may be used for a range of reasons together with news, vents, business knowledge, and far a lot of.

Posts are content entries that typically display in reverse chronological order on your website. These are generally considered to be blog posts like the on you are currently reading, but can be used for a variety of reasons including news, vents, business data, and much more.

All posts are saved with a date and time stamp creating the content dated material. Posts are classified and might be labeled to assist filter posts by either category or tag.

Categorizing Your Content

Category select meta box
Category select meta box

Content categorization is one of the foremost necessary aspects of making content. Properly classified content makes it easier for guests to scan your website. It additionally makes it easier for guests to navigate your website for added content on a similar topics.

Tag meta box
Tag meta box

Correctly categorizing content additionally permits you to combine that content in numerous places in your theme example files. Categories and tags are terribly similar, and therefore the question “What’s the difference?” may be a quite common one, and other people get confused that what’s the distinction. Categories are some way of organizing your posts, whereas tags are some way of describing your posts.

Working With Media

Edit Media in WordPress
Edit Media in WordPress

WordPress options a sturdy system for managing all of your website’s media. Media refers to the photographs, video and audio recordings, and file uploaded to your website using Wordpress. Media that’s uploaded in WordPress will simply be inserted into any post or page for show. Media may be uploaded and connected at a post/page level or on to the Media Library.

The WordPress Media Library is wherever you’ll be able to add, manage, and delete all media across your entire WordPress website. The Media Library SubPanel permits you to manage all media on your website, whether or not uploaded directly within the Media Library or uploaded onto a post or a page.

Comments And Discussion

The comment icon displays the total number of comments on a post
The comment icon displays the total number of comments on a post

Comments are a customary feature on any blog platform and WordPress isn’t completely different. WordPress options many various tools to assist you maintain your website comments and discussion. From comment moderation to comment spam, there’s a lot to have faith in before gap up your website to comments from the general public.

You have multiple ways that to manage comments across your entire WordPress. The foremost normally used technique is that of the Comments SubPanel. Here you’ll be able to read all comments across your entire WordPress website.

Working With Users

WordPress comes complete with user accounts and roles for a simple and versatile means of dominant access to your WordPress website. A default installation of WordPress comes with one user account with administrator privileges: the admin account. You’ll be able to produce a limiteless range of user accounts in WordPress with numerous website privileges.

Extending WordPress

The power of WordPress isn’t within the default options of WordPress, however rather the endlessly versatile framework provided for extending WordPress. Utilizing the facility of themes and plugins, WordPress may be custom-tailored to suit any website purpose.

The power of WordPress is not in the default features of WordPress, but rather the endlessly flexible framework provided for extending WordPress. Utilizing the power of themes and plugins, WordPress can be custom-tailored to fit any website purpose.

Themes are quite merely your WordPress design(shop theme here), and therefore the style of your website is extremely necessary element in leading to nice user experience and therefore a lot of users returning to your website.

WordPress widgets are an easy way to add and organize components in your sidebar. Widgets are not restricted to the sidebar and are getting used in many various places together with the header and footer. WordPress comes with some widgets pre-installed, however you’ll be able to add different widgets by putting in a plugin with widget support.

Plugins are separate files of code that stretch WordPress in any means thinkable by interacting with the WordPress API. You’ll be able to add practicality to WordPress while not modifying any core code files. A plugin may be as easy or as advanced as required for the task.

Content Tools

WordPress comes with multiple tools to assist accomplish numerous tasks associated with managing your content.

One of the foremost ordinarily used tools is that of the Import feature. The WordPress Import feature permits you to import content from completely different code packages directly into WordPress.

Configuring WordPress

WordPress offers a complete host of settings that enable you to simply modify numerous options and practicality on your website. These settings will fully modify however your WordPress website functions,therefore it’s essential to know your choices and the way they work.

What are your opinions about Working of Wordpress? Have you used these features in WordPress? What are your thoughts about using them? Let me know in the comments!

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