How to Set Up Hosting and Install WordPress – A Complete Step By Step Guide

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How to Set Up Hosting and Install WordPress

Hi, how are you? Hope you’re doing well.

Setting up your website can seem like a very daunting task, especially for the first time around. If you feel the same or just want to get up your website setup quick and easy then you have come to the right place, in this article we’ll be covering step by step how you can set up hosting and install wordpress in the next 5 minutes.

Set Up Hosting and Buying A Domain Name

In this section we will be covering putting in place hosting and a domain|a site name for your website, as well as explaining what they are!

What is Hosting?

Hosting (also referred to as “web hosting”) is essentially a computer that’s left on 24/7 running your website or blog thereon in order that individuals will still visit your website – even when your personal computer or laptop is changed. In hosting there are a few things you need to do if your going to run a website and can typically value you around $5 a month (although later on during this guide I will be able to provide you with a coupon code/link to get your initial months hosting for 25% off!).

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is essentially the title of your website or blog, with www. Before it and .com after it – thus for instance, Googles name is A domain name, once more are a few things you may need to run a website.

A domain name can sometimes value you around $13, solely you do not pay this once a month like your hosting – your domain name is billed once a year.

In this guide we’ll be referring a company referred to as “HostGator”, for each our Hosting and our Domain name, below I will be able to tell you why I even have chosen this company.

Why Use HostGator?

Here are simply a number of reasons why I counsel using HostGator as your hosting supplier and why I still use them for my website –
– 99.9% uptime or additional thus your website is often on-line
– 45-Day a refund Guarantee just in case you alter your mind
– 1-click WordPress Installation
– Free Live on-line Chat 24-hours every day, 7-days per week
– I can give a coupon code which will get your initial months hosting for one penny.
Please Note – If you are planning to use another web hosting company for your website, you’ll got to improvise a number of steps of this guide as I’m using HostGator for the instance.
Now, Let’s Get Started!

The first things we’ll got to do to get our website up and running is set up our “Web Hosting” and register our “Domain Name”, fortunately we are able to do each of those things at the same place……

As another bonus I even have some cash off coupons to offer you!
THETECHPOWER25 – Gets you 25% off your initial months hosting!
THETECHPOWER1 – Gets you your first months hosting for under ONE PENNY!
Just add the coupon of your selection before checking out.
Don’t worry, I will tell you when!
1. So, head to (or click this link).

Click to expand the images.

hostgator logo

2. Click within the menu wherever it says “Web Hosting”.

hostgator web hosting

3. Select your Hosting plan from the three choices obtainable.

hostgator plan

I counsel either the hatchling set up or the Baby set up, the Business set up most likely features a whole load of additional extras you may not need at now. If you are solely aiming to have one website go together with the hatchling set up, if your planning to have to any extent further than one website – go together with the Baby set up.

The Baby set up permits you UNLIMITED domains (websites) to be hosted and does not value rather more than the hatchling Plan!

5. Once you’re pleased with everything, click “Sign Up Now”.

hostgator signup

6. Currently on your successive page, simply enter the name you’re desirous to purchase into the top bar so select whether or not you wish .com, .org etc from the drop-down list to the right (this is set to .com by default).

hostgator domain

7. Select your billing Cycle from the drop down menu. Currently simply certify your package type and billing cycle are correct. Produce a user-name and security pin (we counsel writing these down).

hostgator hosting

Please NoteYou can invariably simply go month to month billing till you’re positive that you are proud of everything alternatively you’ll go all out and pay money for three years direct and avoid wasting cash – this is all up to you!

9. Enter your billing info and select whether or not you’d wish to pay by PayPal or credit card.

hostgator billing

10. Choose whether or not you wish any of the “Hosting Addons”, I personally don’t think any of those are necessary however you may have a glance and judge for yourself (just un-check the boxes of any you don’t want).

hosting services

11. Enter the coupon code THETECHPOWER25 and click on “Validate” to get 25% OFF your order alternatively THETECHPOWER1 to urge your initial months hosting for one penny!

hostgator coupon

12. Countercheck everything is correct within the “Order Details”. (also note the 45 day a refund guarantee!).
13. Check the box beside wherever it says “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of use” and then click “Checkout Now!”.

hostgator terms

hostgator checkout

The next page you will see a confirmation page. Print or write down your confirmation number and shut the page. You must conjointly receive an email confirming your purchase. This email contains necessary info for putting in place your site, thus move and open the e-mail and that we can go on to putting in WordPress.

Installing WordPress

In this section we’ll cover the steps required to put in WordPress onto your new hosting.
1. Log into your email account that you used for registration and you may find in the new email from HostGator.

hostgator cpanel
2. Click the link within the email beside wherever it says “Your Control Panel” which can
bring you to a log-in screen.

3. Sort your user-name you started within the last section into the “C Panel” log-in screen.

4. Copy your password from the e-mail and Paste it into the “C Panel” log-in screen and click “Log In”.

5. Once logged in, scroll right down close to rock bottom of this page till you see the
section named “Software and Services”.

hostgator software
6. Click wherever it says “Quick Install”.

7. On the left hand side, within the “Popular Installs” section, click “WordPress”.
hostgator wordpress1

8. Then click “Install WordPress”.

hostgator wordpress2
9. Confirm your new name is chosen within the change posture list and leave the box to the correct of this all blank.

10. Sort in your details –
– Leave the box beside wherever it says “Enable machine Upgrades” checked.
– Sort in your email address.
– Sort your Blog/Website Title (don’t worry concerning this an excessive amount of as you’ll amendment it later).
– Select an Admin User name (you can use to login to WordPress).
– Sort in your first name and last name.

hostgator wordpress3
11. Click “Install Now”.
Once it installs (usually within a minute), you’ll be given your user-name, password and a few alternative info as well as a link to your new web site.

Please NoteIt’s probably a decent plan to put in writing all of this info down. This information ought to be sent to you as an email however you can never be too careful!

hostgator wordpress4

12. Click the link to go to your new website alternatively sort your URL (domain name) into your web search bar.
Please NoteNew websites will take anyplace up to 12 hours before you’ll visit them, if it takes longer than this you’ll contact HostGator via their 24 hour live chat.

Logging into your Website & Changing the Password

Logging into WordPress

Now that you just are able to visit your website, you’ll have to be compelled to log in to what is notable as the WordPress “Dashboard” (or back end), this is often wherever we will produce pages and generally edit our new web site.
1. Visit your website, either by typing your new domain name into the most search bar of your browser or by clicking the link on the Quick Install page (or email).
2. Then within the main search bar, simply when your name – enter “/wp-admin” thus the search bar ought to scan –
3. Then click search on your browser and this could bring you to a log in screen.

wordpress login
4. Copy & Paste your user-name and password from the Quick Install page (or email) into this log in screen and click on “Log In”.
You will currently have with success logged into the WordPress “Dashboard” for the first time, the primary factor I prefer to try and do once I even have logged in to a brand new web site is change the password to one thing I will be able to truly remember! I’m aiming to show you ways to try and do this within the next section.

Changing Your Password

To change your password, you’ll need to be within the “Dashboard”.
1. On the left hand aspect, within the menu (near the bottom) – you want to click “Users”.

wordpress users
2. Then hover over your Admin User-name and click on the word “edit” once it appears.
3. Now scroll right down to very bottom of this page and enter your New password within the
box provided.

wordpress password
4. Click “Generate Password” your New password will be developed.

wordpress update profile

5. Click “Update Profile”.
Now that you just have with success updated your password, simply click wherever it says
“Dashboard” within the top left hand corner of this page to come to the Dashboard home-screen and that we can continue building our web site within the next section.

Once you’ll visit your website, you may see that there’s a sample page and a number of alternative bits and items already on the website to indicate you what your site will appear as if once using the pre-installed theme.

What are your thoughts about Hostgator? Have you used any other web hosting services? Which do you like best and Why? Let me know in the comments!

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Authored By Aakanksha Singh

Hi, I’m Aakanksha, a computer science engineer and the founder of TheTechPower. I help people make there online presence process easier by empowering them with clean, beautiful and easy to use wordpress themes.

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