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  • How to Customize the Loop in WordPress

    Customizing the Loop with different granularities of data access In our opening post of the Loop and it’s flow of control, we specified that the primary workhorse for information determination is the get_ posts() method of the WP_Query object. Much of the time, on the off chance that you need to construct a custom loop, you’ll assemble your own particular […]

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  • Understanding Template Tags and how they work

    understanding template tags and how they work

    Template Tags PHP functions utilized as a part of your WordPress theme templates  to show Loop content are called template tags. These tags are utilized to show particular bits of information about your site and content. This permits you to customize how and where content is shown on your site. For instance, the the_title() template tag shows the […]

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  • Understanding the Flow of the Loop and where it can be used

    understanding the flow of the loop

    Flow of the Loop The Loop uses some common programming conditional statements to work out what and the way to display. The primary statement within the Loop is an if statement, checking whether or not any posts exist, because you might not have any posts with the required category or tag. If content exists, the while statement is used to initiate the Loop […]

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  • What is The Loop in WordPress

    The Loop The Loop refers to how WordPress determines what content (posts and pages) to show on a page you’re visiting. The Loop will show one post or page, or a gaggle of posts and pages that are designated and so displayed by process through the content, therefore it’s known as the Loop. This is how WordPress displays blog posts […]

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  • What is WordPress File Structure and How to Configure wp-config File

    Hi, how are you? Hope you’re doing well. In this article we’ll cover what is wordpress file and folder structure and how you can configure wp-config file. Exploring the Code The WordPress source code file options many alternative PHP, JavaScript, and CSS code files. Each file serves a particular purpose in WordPress. The sweetness of open source software system is […]

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  • How to Extend a WordPress Theme

    Hi, how are you? Hope you are doing well. In this article we’ll study regarding how you can extend a WordPress theme. The power of WordPress isn’t within the default options of WordPress, however rather the endlessly versatile framework provided for extending WordPress. Utilizing the facility of themes and plugins, WordPress is custom-tailored to suit any web site purpose. Themes Themes are quite […]